Get Pregnant Faster, Easier and Less Stressfully
You've been doing this a while and you need extra support. You've got your team of doctors, your husband, and your TTC/IVF sisters, but you're still missing something. How would it feel to have a trained professional to help you put together the pieces of your reproductive journey and make this process a lot less stressful?
As a Fertility Coach, that's exactly what I do!

I support women who are trying to conceive with continuous, long-term, personalized, fertility coaching. 

If you need extra help on this journey, take the first step and fill out the form to your right.

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Kaci, here's something else I want you to know...
Who Is Kaci McGuire?
Hi! My name is Kaci McGuire and I'm a certified Fertility Coach, author and public speaker.

I help women get pregnant faster, easier and less stressfully.

My work empowers women like you to take control of your fertility,
so you feel in control, supported and nurtured while trying to conceive.
The women I work with are 100% committed to changing their fertility story. If you are like them, you:
  •   Have already done everything in your power to get pregnant and are frankly desperate at this point. 
  •  Tracked ovulation, endured lengthy invasive testing, ultrasounds, medications, even IUIs and IVFs.. but still no baby, or worse, finally conceive, only to end in loss.  
  •  Are starting to feeling burnt out, tapped out, and your relationships, work, and family life is suffering. 
The bad news is you’ve been doing isn’t working, but the good news is you have another option. The best news is that you are in the right place, right now.
Through the course of our work, your story can transform. Imagine going from feeling angry, jealous, confused, and powerless to feeling powerful, capable, and supported.
What causes this transformation?
Treating your body, mind and spirit simultaneously produces better pregnancy outcomes than just treating your body alone. There is a proven connection between mind/body treatment and higher live birth rates. That’s where I come in.
When you learn to treat your fertility holistically you develop trust in your ability to become a mother and completely transform your relationship with your body.
I help you recognize that there’s more to you than your fertility diagnosis and treatment.
Women who are committed to becoming a motherhood commit themselves to treating their whole selves, not just their uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.
It's time for you to make a change- let’s talk about the first step.
Step one is to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session where we discuss how we can work together to support your fertility through lifestyle changes and mental shifts.
This session is for the woman who was ready to get pregnant yesterday
 Needs to cut down on the unbearable stress  and uncertainty she’s feeling
believes that lifestyle changes can help her get pregnant easier, faster and less stressfully
desires expert-level coaching to help her cultivate a lifestyle and mindset that will enhance her fertility
is 100% ready to make her dream of being a Mom come true, 
is committed to investing in herself and her future to make it happen.
If that's you, then you are invited to apply for your session.
Once you submit your information:

1) Your application will be reviewed.
2) If accepted, you will receive a follow up email from my team, with an invitation to select a time and date for your session.
3.) After scheduling, you will receive 3 videos via email to help you prepare for the call

I look forward to hearing from you.

With Love + Light,
What my Former clients are saying:
Elsie F: 
“Without Kaci, I would’ve been floundering in internet information that I couldn’t necessarily trust. My family and friends for the most part are not very knowledgeable when it comes to pregnancy and fertility, especially in the face of complications. It was so relieving to feel like I had a close friend with credible, solid knowledge on the subject, and who wanted to share the information with me.
Her suggestions were not only easy to follow, but accessible to adopt and employ immediately. These are not expensive techniques and treatments, but they are indeed understated by our society...and her ability to make it a conversation rather than a clinical visit was very important to me. I can also say that the results of her suggestions were noticeable and successful. 
Paige B. 
Tyesha B
My experience of trying to conceive had been a challenging one over the last two years. Infertility is a very complex issue ranging from minor to major and can often times become expensive when trying to figure out exactly what’s the problem. If I didn’t have Kaci as a fertility coach my experience would have definitely been expensive and I honestly would have given up. There’s not many doctors that shares Kaci’s passion and I credit my own pregnancy to her constant and continual help and encouragement. Kaci is a rare find in this area of expertise. She genuinely loves and cares about her clients and their wellbeing. She’s willing to go the extra mile and anyone would be blessed to have her as their fertility coach. She’s absolutely amazing! 
Faith L.

Ivana F. 
Kaci is a very gentle person, with a calm and inviting aura, which made me comfortable working with her. She listens wholeheartedly. She's an awesome woman who is really invested in the overall health of women, from conception to postpartum. She's knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.
I would say that I liked working with her because she listens, and understands, and gets you to really believe in yourself.
I really appreciated her help, and highly recommend her. 
Lynell F
  I chose to work with Kaci because she is very knowledgeable about reproduction, reproductive organs and lifestyle choices that enhance the function of all things related to these topics. Before purchasing services, she took the time to ask questions about my history and current relationship with my uterus to make sure I got the most effective treatment plan. The practices are super simple to follow and keep up with, which is a great bonus for someone like me who juggles many different activities at once.I would absolutely recommend Kaci to my best friend and my best not friend because she is a beacon of light in the world of reproductive services. She is extremely personable and doesn’t make the conversation awkward just because we’ve been conditioned to be awkward about it.
  •  Enjoy your life WHILE you are trying to become a mother. What if you could be happy right now?
  •   Remember who you are outside of Infertility and feel purposeful again:  woman/wife/girlfriend/partner/businesswoman/artist/professional/friend/daughter/activist/etc. 
  •  KNOW what steps you need to take to get pregnant faster (and actually take them since you have a built in accountability partner that will check-in with your progress!)
  •  Learn what the missing links are in your treatment and take action to get what you need
  •  Explore complimentary medicine that enhances your fertility
  •  Take out toxins that are harming your chances of healthy conception, pregnancy and birth
  •  Make peace with your fertility journey
  • Feel the continuous and long-term support and inspiration of a trusted, empathetic, trained fertility coach 
  •  Scroll social media without losing your mind on bump updates, pregnancy announcements, and baby’s firsts’ posts 
  •  Feel empowered and knowledgeable when speaking with your doctors 
  •  Know how to react when you see pregnant women without losing composure 
  •  Find out which supplements to take and what is a waste of time for YOUR specific needs
  •  Eat for your specific reproductive issues: what you think is "healthy" may not be so healthy... 
  •  Talk to your partner without blowing up or feeling dismissed 
  •  Train your friends and families to treat you how you want to be treated, instead of listening to the same insensitive questions, comments and stories.
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